Belém, Lisboa - What you must know...

Belém, Lisbon

Belem is a Lisbon area where the weight of history is strongly felt because of its world historical references which are all recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage. The monumental ensemble composed of the Jeronimos Monastery and the Empire Square , Monument to the Discoveries , Belem Tower and the latest Cultural centre of Belem, the Ajuda National Palace , the Central Tejo - Museum of Electricity , the National Cordage , the Monument to the Overseas fighters , the Champalimaud Center , among many others, make of Belem one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lisbon. The Jeronimos Monastery , located in the Empire Square where for years was the Restelo beach , has a great architectural and historical value and is one of the most prominent examples of the Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline style and of Renaissance architecture. Its construction went through and lasted for a hundred years of history since King Manuel I has funded the project to the completion of its construction.The Monastery is really a Portuguese Manueline style treasure, as well as the Belem Tower which is already considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Monument to the Discoveries was built in honor of to the greatest portuguese explorer, Henry the Navigator, and it celebrates the five hundredth anniversary of his death.

A unique monument, built in Bethlehem , which leaves a mark of an era of 'strength' of 'courage' and 'determination' of our history and our people. The Maritime Museum and the Museum of Archaeology have been implemented in the former Monastery areae and are mainly intended to provide information and present relevant parts of Portuguese Navigation archeology and history . In the Cultural Centre of Belem, much more modern and livelier , endowed with an extreme beauty of architecture, we can found a lot of distinct and bright cultural attractions. This is a cultural space with a giant art collection and one of the newest Lisbon buildings for Art and Culture lovers. The Berardo Collection Museum is a space filled by modern and contemporary art, the ideal place for those who like and want to create a visual record of History through Art. This Museum is very admired and internationally recognized for the originality and the richness of their original artworks styles and techniques, which came mostly from Europe and America. The Museum has several permanent exhibitionsbut also temporary exhibitions covering topics individually and detail the information in order to expand and enrich the knowledge of a particular topic. The Ajuda National Palace, which has hosted the King Luis and Maria Pia, his wife, responsible for the aesthetic upgrade and the creation of other spaces in the Palace, is also a compelling monument. This important building was closed when the Republic Implantatione took place and part of it was a museum. Today, the Ajuda National Palace , located where the royal family lodged after the 1755 earthquake bleak , presents a countless treasures of the royal residence.

The Champalimaud Centre aims the development of biomedical research and interdisciplinary clinical care delivery resulting in scaling of scientific knowledge and clinical. The Center contributes to humanity with important data and progress in health. At a cultural level, the Berardo Collection Museum, at the Cultural Centre of Belem, the Coach Museum , the Museum of the Presidency and the Oriental Museum deserve special mention.

No tour guide forget this part of the city, also thanks to the monument dedicated to the two heroes who made ??the first crossing of the Atlantic by plane, Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral, or because of the very famous "pastéis de nata" and "pastéis de Belém" cooked at the popular Pastel de Belém Bakery, where the secret and original recipe is very well kept. This is an element of traditional Portuguese sweets and it sells about ten thousand "pastéis de nata" daily for lunch and satisfaction of who goes there. An example of detail of this Lisbon area is the Travessa Marta Pinto where the typical "pastéis de nata" lovers or tasters of a quality wine can enjoy delicious delicacies and drinking wine in a selected room in a corner of Lisbon. The Enoteca of Belem is a top quality wine library and snacks with a pleasant and warm atmosphere truly conqueror. The typical wine list was replaced by an old binoculars and the client should use it to spot the wine he wants to taste. The wine is exposed on a shelf that resembles the old libraries with an attached rolling ladder, as if it was really a book.

Belem is a place of attractions and a lovely tourist resort with the ability to meet the expectations of a distinguished audience, by suiting the personal wishes and tastes. In any piece of land of Belem it is possible to find a good reason to live here and either enjoy and exploit its richness and benefits.

However Belem is not limited to its heritage, it is a beautiful place to take up residence with conditions that few places can offer you. In addition to these buildings of historical interest, Belem presents extensive leisure facilities, museums and gardens , which makes the area a very pleasant place. The Botanical Garden is a green space of about seven acres with a greenhouse equipped with heating and it is home to plants collections of tropical and subtropical areas. These plants are a major source of study , research and information about the species housed here and duly cataloged, drawing audiences and increasing visits to this site.

But not only of history the man lives. Thinking of the Belem evenings and walks along the river, Lisbon provided lots of pleasant and comfortable interaction spaces. In the Tagus river the day becomes more refined and breaks for coffee become more relaxing. The Belem nights start right next to the river in places with good music, nice and intimate atmosphere and a great view of every treasure around this mystical place.

The proximity to the Tagus river is very well harnessed in Belem and nothing is better than leave the house on a sunny day and walk by the river, surrounded by a magnificent atmosphere of one of the brightest pages of Portugal History, the Discoveries. You can still enjoy the river to sail using the dock of Good Success or the Belem dock . The ??Belem area, in terms of residential , is marked by the existence of houses and small buildings, without giving the idea of being in a big city.

The area is fairly quiet but at the same time it has got excellent accesses to the city center which enables a quick arrival to shopping areas , although in Belem you can find everything you need. This metropolitan area provides all the facilities and services, including the university, responding to residents needs. The education supply in Belem is also very complete, with the Lisbon's Technical University, located in Ajuda area. The Belem hight quality of schools and kindergardens also contributes to make this area an attractive place to live.

Belem is also very popular because of its Veterinary Medecine University, one of the oldest schools in this area. Students try to develop training activities, to work on research and to participate in a range of initiatives to the benefit of local society. In the field of vocational training, Belem has got the Institute of Creativity, Art and New Technologies, a training center which works on image areas, sound, communication and events transmitting professional and personal development skills to all students. The Institute has a teaching approach adapted to the laber market demands that's why it trains students and future professional to respond to creative requirements.

Private education institutions keep a family atmosphere in the children daily routine and offer children's transportation home-school, school-home, pedagogic support and leisure-time activities, which can be interesting for some parents. These institutions also offer excellent services and conditions to children in nursery classes and kindergarten. Belem has got the ideal conditions for parents and children to have a quiet and safe routine, enriching their lifes with interesting experiences and quality time for the whole family.

Concerning the accessibilities, Belem has the Cascais railways, which provides a quick connection to Lisbon's Center, and also several bus lines. With regard to the road transports, connections are also very fast, whether to the rest of the city or to the main national axes. Relating to security, Belem is very well served, being an extremely pleasant and safe place, where you can easily and peacefully take up residence. For all the reasons set, Belem meet a series of conditions making it the ideal location to set up house, with a mixture of tranquility, history and proximity to a city full of life, provided with an economy presenting a GDP 5% above the EU average. And we must not forget Lisbon is the Portuguese-speaking world capital, on a total of at least 250 000 millions of speakers, and also a bridge between Europe, America and Africa. Belem is the ideal place to add some pages of history to your life, with the Tagus River as a backdrop, where tranquility, quality and well-being are guaranteed.