Campo Grande, Lisbon - What you need to know...

Campo Grande, Lisbon - Portugal

Campo Grande is for many reasons a very central place in Lisbon.Its privileged and relaxing location was for centuries the main reason why noble and rich families used to choose Campo Grande to build their palaces. Today Campo Grande has a large green area, one of the most beautiful of all capital, whose trees, at least the older ones, were built during the reign of Queen D. Maria I, which represents about two hundred years. The garden reaches about 1100 meters, with a maximum width of 200 meters. Its 11 hectares are divided into two zones and are separated by the Avenida do Brasil. The park offers many interesting features, including playground, café - concert, restaurant, lake with rowing boats for hire, among other attractions,beyond the obvious peace that a green zone provides.

Botany lovers can find here examples of some rare trees like palms of Canary, mulberry paper, pepper, lime trees, acacia, incense, rosewood and red horse chestnut tree. Those who like to enjoy singing or bird watching have the chance to see here sparrows, goldfinches, decoys, sandpipers and subalpine warblers. In addiction to this tranquility at the doorstep, the Lisbon's University City is also located next to Campo Grande, and there are the most important campus of the Universidade de Lisbon and of the ISCTE, as well as other private institutions, namely the Universidade Católica and the Universidade Lusófona, and some centers of cultural interest like the Biblioteca Nacional and the Torre do Tombo. In addition to these it's possible to visit the University Stadium and the Museu da Cidade.

So, Campo Grande is probably the best place in Lisbon for a family with university age children. Here the offer is diverse but also has a quality institutions internationally recognized. There is also close proximity to quality institutions teaching different levels of education, from pre- primary to secondary, public to private. Cultural and sporting options in the university space is also very large and diverse, being a major differentiating factor relative to other places in Lisbon. Speaking of sports, football fans can also find here, in the vicinity of Campo Grande, the stadiums of two major Portuguese clubs, Benfica and Sporting, usual stages of great national and international games.

Being a confluence zone of students, the public transports work very well. The Campo Grande and adjacent areas have multiple bus lines and the tube which, in terms of time, help residents to easily reach the rest of the city and to be close to everything that a cosmopolitan and multifaceted capital like Lisbon has to offer. Close to Campo Grande is also one of the most important rail city interfaces: on weekdays and daily over 400 trains use the Entrecampos station, the high- speed train between Faro and Oporto, the suburban connections to the southern shore up Setúbal and the suburban connections to Sintra, inter alia. This proximity benefits Campo Grande when it comes to connections to the national rail network.

Campo Grande is also a place with privileged access to the main roads of the city and country. From Campo Grande it is possible to quickly acess the biggest highways of the country, like the highway to Porto, Algarve and Spain. And it goes without saying that the International Airport is just around the corner, which also makes Campo Grande an excellent location for those who got international business or for those who need to travel often. All Campo Grande is served by a lot of trade, restaurants, cafes and other, what makes life easier in this part of town thanks to the proximity to all that is essential to the day- to-day personal and family life. However, those who need more diversity and can not stay away from the bustle of big cities have nearby two of the largest shopping centers in the country, the Colombo and Vasco da Gama Shopping Centers. The centrality of Campo Grande provides an easy and quick access to these places, with comfort and convenience.

For those who prefer the most exclusive and luxury shopping, Campo Grande present a different option, Avenida da Liberdade, considered the 35th most expensive street in the world, with the most exclusive shops of the best global brands. Speaking of luxury and glamor, also the casino Lisbon and Estoril Casino are within walking distance. These places, in addition to the game and the cultural offerings, give people good chances to meet interesting people and to make good contacts. People always consider safety when it is time to buy or built a new home and construct a new life. Regarding this theme, Lisbon is also the best option. This city was considered by the Security European Monitoring, just like Helsinki, the safest European capital, considering the percentage of people who were victims of crimes in the five years transatos. According to this observatory, violent crime is almost non-existent in Lisbon..

In short, the location of Campo Grande, in Lisbon, with the tranquility of its green area, the proximity of the largest university center of the country, the shopping areas, the excellent transport and its magnificent accessibility made this area one of the best places to set up residence.