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Cascais is a county seat town that brings together a multitude of attractions that make it perhaps one of the most recognized places of Portugal, one of the most pleasant places to live, and certainly one of the most desirable to invest. First of its location near Lisbon gives us the best you can find in the capital with the exclusivity of a medium-sized village, full of charm and good reasons to be chosen as a place to live.

from Cascais to Lisbon Airport
the journey from Cascais Lisbon Airport is 37 km away and takes around 30 minutes

This location within walking distance of major highways connecting to Lisbon and, consequently, the main national roads is essential to ensure your peace in Cascais can quickly be replaced by any other point in the region and the country, satisfying any need either professional or any other nature.

The coastline of Cascais, with almost constant rail links also favors the village and allows a quick, convenient and safe mobility for journeys of all kinds to people who for whatever reason prefer the comfort of the train rather than drive your own car. Also the international airport of Lisbon, Portela, lies at a distance of about 30 km from Cascais, offering privileged access, creating an easy link with the rest of the world.

Cascais has a location and climate of excellence

Bay of Cascais
view of the Cascais Bay from the marina

Cascais location is also privileged in terms of weather conditions. Cascais has a mild climate throughout the year due to it being sheltered by the Serra de Sintra that protects the village from cold temperatures and rain. Cascais has about 260 days a year without rain. The temperature in Cascais is hot tempered during the summer, with highs of 30 degrees Celsius and minimum average of 19 Celsius at night in summer, and in the colder months of the rarely dip of 10º centigrade year as a minimum, maintaining an average daytime temperature 17º centigrade in January due to oceanic influences from the south. Also for these reasons Cascais is certainly a place to be strongly equate to live, visit or invest.

Old bridge in front of the Museum of Cascais Condes de Castro Guimarães
Old bridge in front of the Museum of Cascais Condes de Castro Guimarães

Cascais is an area inhabited since the Palaeolithic lower, with major occupations in Roman times, medieval and Arabic, to the present day.
This strong historic and prehistoric occupation was generating an immense cultural heritage for passionate story feel in paradise. In Cascais, the historical elements equity testimonies of several occupations over time are very diverse, highlighting various monuments and commemorative elements, sculptures, bridges, fountains, deposits, washing places, wells and tanks, aqueducts and water mines, panels, plates and frames, cruises, threshing floors, ovens, doorways and gates.

the House of Santa Maria in Cascais
the House of Santa Maria in Cascais

The main reasons of the equity interest level stand out of Deliverance Chapel (Capela do Livramento), the Watermill's Atrozela (Azenha da Atrozela), House of Rocks (Casa das Pedras), the Caves of Alapraia (Grutas da Alapraia), the Roman Villa of the Upper Lemon Balm (Vila Romana do Alto da Cidreira), and also the historical part of the village. In Cascais there are many and varied exhibition spaces that offer a broad agenda, including the Centro Cultural de Cascais, Casa Santa Maria, the Fort St. George in Eighth (Forte de São Jorge de Oitavos), The Portuguese Music Museum - Home Verdades de Faria (Museu da Música Portuguesa ? Casa Verdades de Faria), the memory space of exiles, the Library of São Domingos de Rana (Biblioteca de São Domingos de Rana), the Environmental Interpretation Center of the Pedra do Sal (Centro de Interpretação Ambiental da Pedra do Sal) and Space-Memory TEC (Espaço-Memória TEC). These spaces have various exhibitions and shows throughout the year.

Cascais also has a network of municipal libraries, useful for book lovers and for students and researchers that will find more than enough reasons for moments of relaxation or study. Also stands out, apart from public libraries, various documentation centers, including the memory space of the Exiles (Espaço Memória dos Exílios), the House Reynaldo dos Santos, the Portuguese Music Museum and the Museum of the Sea - King Carlos and the collection of Conde de Castro Guimarães, base of the first public library of Cascais, now preserved in the Museum Condes de Castro Guimarães.

Museum of Condes Castro Ghosh in Cascais
Museum of Condes Castro Ghosh in Cascais

Cascais stands out in the area of education for inclusive due to the recognition of education as a pillar of development and integration of educational projects. With a public network of high quality, Cascais offers a wide range of choice in private educational institutions betting on exclusivity and excellence in teaching.

Statue in honor of King Pedro I front of the building of the Town Hall of Cascais
Statue in honor of King Pedro I front of the building of the Town Hall of Cascais

Higher education in Cascais stands out by its proximity to the university centers of excellence, particularly in Oeiras and Lisbon area whose accessibility is facilitated by excellent transport network. The focus on education Cascais became a county with twice the national average of people with higher education and one of the counties with lower dropout rates. Cascais is excellent for leisure due to the magnificent weather, it should be noted that there are many beaches, magnificent landscapes, the surroundings of Sintra and the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Cascais in 80 years
Statue of King Pedro I in Cascais in 80s
sheltered beaches south of Cascais
sheltered beaches to the South, in the Centre of Cascais
Calm waters Beach in Cascais
Beach with calm waters ideal for swimming

Cascais is unique. Few are the cities and towns that combine harmoniously cosmopolitan and sophisticated urban environment with landscapes of unique beauty and vibrant nature waiting to be discovered. Cascais presents an almost unique feature in Portugal the fact that it is directed to the south beaches, very sheltered from wind and weather providing protected. Also the ripple is calmer these beaches, being protected from the currents of the North, at least they also have the same cold waters. Guincho beach is one of the most popular beaches for adventurers and lovers of extreme sports such as surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding. Cascais is also more exposed to western winds and the swell beaches and has a rugged beauty like few others.

Boca do Inferno (Hell's mouth) in Cascais
Boca do Inferno (Hell's mouth) in Cascais

Between Cascais and Guincho there is a seaside road, one of the most beautiful paths where you can pass. Out of Cascais started showing the wilderness, with sand dunes and wild sea on the other. Along the way there is a pedestrian path where more people sporting advantage for hiking and cycling tours

A discover precious also are the urban beaches of the village, within walking distance of downtown, with very calm waters. Facing the urban beaches there are some ideal places to relax by the sea in one of the many terraces existing restaurants. Here you can also enjoy a walk with your children on the beaches safely and with minimal effort. If your idea of peace is to enjoy a moment of relaxation between the trees of a garden, Cascais has several parks near the village center as exemplified by the Parque Bosque dos Gaios, The Parque das Penhas do Marmeleiro, Parque Marechal Carmona, the Morais Park, Urban Park Outeiro de Polima, Urban Park Ribeira dos Mochos and Quinta da Alagoa.

Cascais outdoors

Garden Marechal Carmona Park in Cascais
Garden Marechal Carmona Park Cascais

Anyone looking for moderate exercise will be delighted with the beauty of the Seawall pedestrian path that runs along the shoreline for a distance of three kilometers between Cascais and São João do Estoril or the ten-mile bike path that connects various parts of the surrounding villages and can even be driven on the bikes that the municipality makes available to visitors and residents. Still in the leisure but going for boating, Cascais has a magnificent marina, along the bay, with a series of excellent services. Because it is in a very sheltered spot and thanks to the great weather, the marina allows you to enjoy the sea during the entire year.

Run and relax in Cascais
In Cascais live a relaxed and quiet lifestyle
pedestrian of the Seawall in Cascais
Cascais is connected by coastal paths to Lisbon
Marina of Cascais in Portugal
Cascais has a marina with excellent conditions to receive vessels

The easy accessibility to shopping areas is also a feature of Cascais. Be the access to large shopping centers, access to exclusive shops in Cascais, you will find everything you need, without ever forgetting that proximity to Lisbon allows access to a greater variety of choice or greater exclusivity. Lovers of good food in Cascais have a world of flavors to discover, from the fresh fish dishes, or seafood. In this region you can find the Estoril Casino and the Casino Lisboa to have fun with the game and glamor. These casinos are two very modern cosmopolitan places for people who like gambling and shows Investors will be well received in Cascais. The municipality of Cascais generates 2.3% of national GDP, being in 4th place in district council wealth index and also in 4th place in the counties with the largest number of companies. In summary, Cascais is the best that the region and the country have, in a full of charms to discover, with great quality living environment.

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