Estoril, Portugal

Estoril is mostly known for having the biggest casino in Europe. But it would be to restricting to think on the casino only as a game space. Actually, it is one of the largest lounges and animation from the region and of the country, having aswell spaces dedicated to culture and realization of events, conferences and congresses. This polyvalent space represents a center of opportunities, where a multitude of people cross their ways, in an cosmopolitan and sofisticated environment.

Estoril is in a privileged location, starting by transport network. It is located near Lisbon, which provides Estoril with a lot of excellent accesses, whether is it by road or rail. Whilst the majority of lines of national mobility pass through Lisbon, Estoril stays very near of the capital of the country, as well as the lines of access through north and south of Portugal and Spain. The proximity with the international airport is another factor to be taken into account of Estoril because it has aerial connections in the International Airport of Lisbon to most of the world just 20 kilometers away.

The railway line of Cascais has constant trains traffic during all day, wich allows a rapid connection to the center of the city of Lisbon, in a comfortable, calm and secure way. In Estoril driving is only an option...
The tranquility of Estoril, can be this way changed rapidly by the buzz of the city, for the satisfaction of professional necessities or of any other arrangement, or just to feel the pulse of a big and cosmopolitan city which is Lisbon. It was at the beginning of the XX century that Estoril emerged has an election tourism resort much thanks to the concession of the gambling industry. But there are much more things that exist in Estoril, in the tourism field, besides the biggest casino of Europe, being one of them.

The beaches facing south and by that way sheltered represent an added value particularly for people that enjoy calm waters, sandy beaches with little wind and warmer teamperatures. At these beaches the curling of the strong north waves do not reach, aswell as the Sierra of Sintra acts like a wall preventing the fresh winds of reaching Estoril. The region of Estoril has an impressive feat of 260 days of sunshine per year. Still, lovers of rural nature, have at a short distance, the western beaches from the rest of the municipalaty of Cascais and Sintra.

The surfers, windsurfers, bodyboarders, SUP, kitesurfers, boat sailor and other aquatic sports lovers will be delighted with the wild beauty of the west coast of the area, and with the perfect conditions for the practise of these sports, which even are regularly stage of European and Worldwide competitions. The modernism of Estoril is complemented by the existence around an enviable heritage in the area of Cascais and Sintra, nearby neighbors cities, featuring numerous palaces, religious buildings and civil monuments.

The cultural offer is also very large. In addition to the immense events that are organized by the casino, there exists in the rest of the municipality several areas, with various agendas highlighting the Cascais Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural de Cascais), Casa Santa Maria,Forte de São Jorge de Oitavos, The Portuguese Music Museum - Home Verdades de Faria (Museu da Música Portuguesa ? Casa Verdades de Faria), the memory space of exiles, the Library of São Domingos de Rana (Biblioteca de São Domingos de Rana), the Environmental Interpretation Center of the Pedra do Sal (Centro de Interpretação Ambiental da Pedra do Sal) and Space-Memory TEC (Espaço-Memória TEC). The network of public libraries provide to the students, researchers or just normal readers numerous points of interest.

Estoril is part of the municipality of Cascais, where are highlighted inclusive education policies which were implemented because of the acknowledgement towards the recognition of education as an essential pillar of development. The region offers a vast network of public schools and several private institutions with teaching excellence in an exclusive environment. Estoril is also in a close proximity to the universities of Lisbon and Oeiras, supplied by a good transport network. The municipality where is located Estoril has twice the national average of people who attended higher education and one of the lowest dropout rates.

Estoril has a notable commercial offer in all fields,with a great variety and availability. The area is also dotted with restaurants of high quality that will delight lovers of gastronomy, never forgetting the close proximity with Lisbon and Cascais and the exclusivity they offer. Concluding with a reference to the possibility of investment, let's say that Estoril generates 2.3% of national GDP, being in the 4th place in district council wealth index and also in 4th place in the municipalities with the largest number of companies