Avenida da República, Lisbon

Historic Building on Avenida da República, Lisbon - Portugal

The Avenida da República is one of the main avenues of Lisbon, oriented from south to north and is an essential axis in Lisbon, framed in the area known as the Avenidas Novas. This Centennial Avenue celebrates the establishment of the Republic in Portugal, which took place on October 5, 1910. Until then, the Avenue termed to Ressano Garcia, personality who distinguished precisely the expansion of Lisbon in the final phase of the century. XIX, responsible for the planning of many sites of the city.

The Avenida da República start in the Praça Duque de Saldanha, another critical point of Lisbon and ends at the Plaza of Entrecampos, where you plug the Avenue United States of America and the Avenue of the Forças Armadas. In short, this city artery is located at the confluence of many of the main entrance of the city of Lisbon, representing this accessibility of the best that could be imagined and desired in any big city in the world.

That exception location is complemented by the existence of three subway stations, numerous bus lines and one of the most important national railway stations. Cross daily this train station more than 400 high-speed trains between compositions between Faro and Porto, urban links to the southern shore up Setúbal, urban link to Sintra, among other.

Also the main roads of the country are very close and the connection to major highways connecting the north, south and Spain are in the vicinity of the Republic Avenue. This extensive avenue meets many interesting features, first of several listed buildings and copies of the final century architecture XIX and early century XX.

In the Avenida da República are located corporate offices or delegations of many large national and international companies and also some local shops to satisfy all the needs of day-to- day with great ease and convenience. However, being the location of Avenue one of its major assets, it should be noted that the most exclusive and luxurious areas are very close. Thus, purchases in stores of major international brands are always around the corner.

In addition to many restaurants, cafes and historical pastries, the Avenida da República also offers venues such as Campo Pequeno Bullring, cinemas in the Duque de Saldanha Square, among many other attractions that are within walking distance.

Also access to schools and universities of excellence is very easy either by proximity to it, or by the abundance of means of transport that make Avenida República one of the most desirable places to live. The combination of history and modernity and ease of access, combined with the existence of all essential services, place the Avenida da República at the top of the most desirable places to live in Lisbon.