Get to know the Historical Center of Lisbon.

Vista de Lisboa Centro Histórico

Lisbon historic center is composed of several districts... Baixa, Chiado, Bairro Alto

Baixa Lisboeta

People walking in downtown Lisbon

Baixa Lisboeta ou Baixa Pombalina is an excellent place for lovers of city life, caught up in local businesses and unique architectural beauty. It's a great place to live. The combination is perfect. The most emblematic streets such as Rua da Prata, Rua do Ouro, Rua dos Fanqueiros, Rua Augusta and Rua dos Correeiros lead to any passerby fantastic Commerce Square, a unique offer of traditional commerce.

Aerial view of Rua Augusta, Lisbon

Come and discover the centuries-old shops that insist on continuing to open to accommodate every customer who wants to feel peaceful in their shop doors. You will feel the pride on every step that the shopkeepers speak of their work and their history and how they are able to overcome all the vicissitudes that life brings them.

view of the Arch of Augusta Street in the Commerce Square

It is here, in Praça do Comércio, that some of the public buildings are located, such as departments of the Portuguese Government Ministries such as the Supreme Court and the Civil Government of Lisbon.

Here you can breathe well, an initiative of the Municipality of Lisbon...

Taking into account the well - being of all who live here and pass through here, an initiative of the Municipality of Lisbon, the ZER, was implemented in Baixa: Vehicles with pre-2000 data are prevented from circulating in the heart of Lisbon, except for vehicles of residents and taxis. This measure enabled the air quality improved, according to studies conducted by a team from the Faculty of Science and Technology belongs to the New University of Lisbon. So will be able to breath quietly, knowing that their well -being and his health is assured and that, right in the heart of Lisbon, you will breathe cleaner air.

In terms of public transport, This area is served by metro stations Rossio and Restorers, which are like an open door for quiet walks and discoveries for any area of ??Lisbon. The meter is that most people come to Baixa Pombaline. It is also using this way of transport that locals run in the morning for work or for fun,with the certainty that the tranquility of homecoming is just few hours away. Is an advantage for you because you 'll be close to everything and can quickly get to the tranquility of your home or can easily reach any place where you want to go.

Metro Station Rossio, Lisbon

The architecture of downtown Lisbon is unique.

See how it will easily find its way through the streets and alleys of downtown. It's simple and a bit close look is enough to know where it is and go to your house.

Architecturally, the Baixa is divided into three major sections:

  • Major Streets ;
  • Sleepers ;
  • secondary streets.

The Baixa is thus appropriately prioritized and see how easily you can identify the type of street where:

  • More elaborate stonework indicate that it is on a main street.
  • When you find yourself in a place where the stone is just a less elaborate variant of the first and balconies on the first floor, mean that you 're a platter of a street.
  • The secondary roads are characterized by simplicity. This allows you the location is convenient and easy.
Architecture of Baixa, Lisbon

The (re)construction of the Baixa

As you can see, the Baixa has an architecture that distinguishes and characterizes it. It was completely rebuilt by the Marques of Pombal, hence also be known as the Baixa Pombalina, after the disastrous 1755 earthquake. Is due to the illustrious Manuel da Maya planning the odd construction of this area. Is erected on piles of green pine and has a unique feature: is probably the first anti-seismic buildings in the country. Safety tests were made with troops marching along the avenues and streets. All this to say that here you will feel safe in relation to the whims of that nature holds.

The Baixa Pombalina is a nice area, easy access by public transport, with a trading very close feature.At your disposal is thehospital de São José with all the available health services.To live here is to be protected in the heart of Lisbon and even a central area can enjoy quality of life.

 Santa Justa Elevator, Lisbon

TheSanta Justa elevator connects the Baixa Chiado a single rideand intense which is shared both by local or tourists passing by there. Guaranteed will be able to spend quality time and make interesting trips this elevator. The Baixa Pombalina is special, almost a haven of charm, even in the center of Lisbon, near River Tagus and unique beauty. Rloop here if welfare. Will feel at home and welcomed in a unique way from the first day you come to live here.

The Chiado

Chiado Lisbon

The ideal meeting point for the world citizen, Chiado is considered one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Lisbon.

When I arrive at Chiado feel that I found my place ! No matter where it comes from or who it comes from. Arrived at Chiado, came to his house. Because you will feel welcomed and, regardless of where will almost enough to turn a corner to cross with someone of his land. Find out here streets bustling with people walking looking for his destiny, or that will come from the work, that only go there for a cultural tour, they want to drink that refreshing frenzy, finally, a panoply of lives that intersect in that city bustle makes this place unique. Will feel the rhythm of a busy and intense life every time you step on a street of Chiado.

Elevator da Gloria, Lisbon Funicular

For those who rises from the Baixa, one of the most charismatic access to the high area of Chiado, Bairro Alto and Principe Real, is the ride in the Elevator of Gloria Funicular that invites you into a nice visit by the steep street....

Chiado during a fashion event in Lisbon

The Chiado is located between Bairro Alto and the Baixa Pombalina and is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Lisbon. Found in every corner tradition and pulsating life finds it in their streets. This place welcomes affection and determination all who want to visit or choose to stay here to live.

Culture has a special place in Chiado. Undoubtedly, Chiado is connected to the literary greats of the Portuguese language. Sitting in the café A Brasileira is famous statue of Fernando Pessoa, sit with it a bit, enjoy the coffee and enjoy the warmth of this place. Further ahead we have Luís de Camões, in the square with his name. Ali always finds something new. Come also see the National Museum of Contemporary Art, which has opened its doors in Chiado. With permanent exhibitions and seasonal, is a meeting point of major national and international artists.

If you love theater then came to his place! The Emblematic Teatro da Trindade March is another characteristic of good habits for all that open the mind to close and intense experiences. It also has its presence in this place Teatro São Luís that belongs to the City Council andhas been known for other names such as Teatro D. Amélia. The óperahas its emphasis at the National Theater of Sao Carlos, it presents to its audience an extensive program of cultural entertainment. Will be able to watch the big shows of superior quality, very close to your house.

Chiado will find and visit a shopping center that is open doors for visitors and residents. It's special because it 's so traditional and spectacular Magazines à Portuguesa, a fantastic musical show, as had the first stage Gymnasio Theatre, now the commercial center. Of course in this sea of ??culture and entertainment is still lying Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon offers its students a broad curriculum and courses of high quality. An asset to you is to have a reference of Colleges close. Other great spaces that presents Chiado and where you will be able to spend some of your time, are the most prestigious libraries in the country to settle there and to bring their clients the contemporary authors to present their books with book readings and autograph sessions.

Chiado ancient or modern?

You know that is as old Chiado as Lisbon? Its name derives from a sixteenth-century innkeeper who lived there, but its reconstruction is recent. After the disastrous fire of 1988 which consumed much of the buildings of the Chiado, the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira directed its reconstruction, retaining the facades as faithfully as possible. Thus, we have an old but completely renovated Chiado. These works bring you the security of a recent construction and the beauty of an ancient architecture.

Of course, you will still be able to enjoy the famous Santa Justa lift, connecting the Chiado to downtown and is one of the most popular means of transport. Are tourists or residents, the lift is a constant bustle of travel and always providing interesting experiences to those who walk for the first time. But it certainly will want to use often to enjoy the thrill of going up and down almost a monument. The Chiado is a special place. Only a few have the privilege of being able to live here and enjoy this beautiful city unique and intense. It is easy to find its place in such a cosmopolitan area. Only a keen mind security, culture and intense experiences is necessary. This is your home !

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto, Lisbon

Quaint and old, Bairro Alto awaits you for unique and intense experiences that will give a new life to your senses.

Who lives in Bairro Alto?

It is one of the neighborhoods with more demand and we are witnessing a shift in the type of people that live here. The population is to renew and bring new life into this space with each passing day. This district is among those seeking a more level living spaces. Architecturally interesting, when arriving at Bairro Alto will find a mix of narrow cobbled streets, where you can watch old homes and commercial nature. It is a unique and interesting place to stroll or want to live. Is slowly being renovated, or by investors who see a great opportunity here, either by individuals who choose to purchase a house here.

What is in Bairro Alto?

Here there are bars, restaurants, small shops and traditional commerce fado houses. Will like to sit quietly at a table and enjoy an aromatic broth green while your ears and your mind delight in the fado. Guaranteed is a mixture of pleasure and almost mystical charm, after experiencing, addictive. You can enjoy this unique experience each day in a different place, because here is a lot of supply and high quality.

The nightlife in this neighborhood is very intense. As you start to dusk, will feel the neighborhood to become. The streets begin to have a new life and sit in the air force of youth, the fruit of all existing commercial offerings and fun and a renewed population that is constantly coming to this area. Will meet students from all countries that focus on this place to live the intensity of the night and try new flavors.

During the day, when you walk in the Bairro Alto will feel a quiet pretty typical Lisbon neighborhood. This offers visitors and residents a greater variety of restaurants and bars in Lisbon. If you are among that audience who enjoys intense experiences of flavors, Bairro Alto is your place. During the day you can enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal in a quiet restaurant, or just sit down to take a spout, while enjoying the life that runs through the streets of this area. There will always be near you a storyteller who will have the time to speak about the fate and singers who made ??and make history in every home in this neighborhood.

This can undoubtedly be your home. Those who already live here, in Bairro Alto, is hospitable and warmly welcome all who want to stay here.