Lumiar, Lisboa - What you need to know...

Lumiar, Lisbon

Nowadays, the parish of Lumiar is one of the most populous Lisbon areas where a lot of urban improvements are being done. This concept is called the "Alta Lisboa" and it means that Lisbon is investing in developing new central areas. Lumiar has got great accessibilities and privilleged location by the confluence of various access of the town. It was created in the 13rd century because of a significant population increase in this area. The name ?Paço do Lumiar? has its origin in the time of D. Afonso IV. "Paço do Lumiar" was the name given to a villa and a farm inherited by D. Afonso Sanches, an inheritance from Barcelos Count. Today, Paço do Lumiar represents the historical center of the parish.

Lumiar is located in the northern of Campo Grande, following the Avenida da Liberdade axis, Marquis of Pombal, Saldanha, the Avenida da República, Campo Grande, it means, in large new avenues that lasted Lisbon north. This location ensures a direct access and fast to the city center and close to the main national axes with accessibility road. The main highways are nearby, to the north, to the south or to the orient toward Spain. In terms of rail transport, the reference station will always be the Entrecampos Station, where daily hundreds of trains intersect, since the high speed linking northern Portugal to the south, to the regional, inter-regional, urban and suburban connections. Lumiar has many urban bus routes and the metropolitan that carry you everywhere around Lisbon. The airport is very close and it is easily accessible to frequent travelers, for business or for any other reason. Lumiar is more than one housing space, presenting several offers and infrastructures that complement a residential area.

In Lumiar area there are several cultural options, with special highlight to various theatrical associations, cinemas, the National Theatre Museum and the National Museum of Costume, National Library, among others. At the National Theatre Museum, old Palace of Monteiro-Mor, various collections of costumes and theatrical props, handwritten pieces,and many disks other objects are displayed, some, the oldest ones, date back from the 18th century. The Library Orlando Ribeiro located near the Metropolitan station, situated on the end of Telheiras road to the right, it is a valid option for students and assiduous readers, because it does provide access to computer equipment and appliances as well as the rental of literary documents. The libraries and study facilities available in this parish complement the brilliant representation of public and private educational institutions. A wide range of higher education institutions, namely National school of Public Health and the Institute of Education and Science make Lumiar an ideal parish for students. As well as this offer, we should emphasise the proximity of the university town, where there are numerous options in different areas of education. Regarding the lower levels of education and training, special reference is made to different colleges of great quality, many of them renowned and remarkable for several prominent personalities of Portuguese history, namely the German School in Lisbon, the São João de Brito College, the Santa Doroteia College, the Planalto College, the Manuel Bernardes College, among others. The number of public schools is also very broad and fully meets population's needs.

In Lisbon, safety is the key word. The Portuguese capital is in equal to the capital of Finland, the safest European capital, where violent crime is almost nonexistent, proving that Portugal still remains a hospitable country of mild manners. The universalist tradition of Portugal makes that foreigners are welcomed. Lisbon is a cosmopolitan capital where various nationalities intersect in healthy smorgasbord that had its origin in the 16th century with the gest of Discoveries.

Lumiar is choppy for several areas of leisure and recreation. The Monteiro-mor Park, the Lilazes farm and the Conchas Farm are some examples. The Golf Club Paço do Lumiar has created a reserved area thinking about making this scotish origin sport a relax and fun option for the whole family,. The Club offers rooms, changing rooms and garden with a particular zone of the golf training. This is one of institutions that follows the priority of the Lumiar parish developing the family spirit strengthening relations, find the perfect place. The Tennis is also present at the Paço do Lumiar Tennis Club, a club that accompanies and supports young in training for competition focusing on the most potential players and on the younger players. All these areas provide relaxation moments and close proximity with nature, ideal conditions for the weekend or the end of a workday.

The level of trade, once again Lumiar benefits from excellent access and it is conveniently located near the largest shopping centers in the country,although in this area there are all the facilities desired for a comfortable living. In the Municipal Market, there are also, among a large variety of vegetables, scents of fresh fruit, fish and fresh meat and all these conditions make this a great place to complete your shopping list with high quality local products. Also the luxury shopping district in the Avenida da Liberdade is within short walking of Lumiar, like the historic Lisbon, Castelo, Chiado, Rossio and the Tagus.

The cuisine in Lumiar lives up to the mix of cultures in Lisbon, so it is possible to find quality places of Italian dishes, here the 'pizza' and the 'pasta' acquire new tastes and flavours; typical dishes of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, with a small influence from the west but without compromising its quality; typical and contemporary Brazilian dishes, where the black beans and manioc flour gain prominence; among other tasty alternatives. Lumiar doesn't forget the hamburgers lovers, so you can also find nice snack and entertainment venues where the younger ones can enjoy this and other delicacies in convivial atmosphere and good mood. In addition to these social facilities there are cafes, bars and terraces. Some of these places are versatile and adapt to nighttime and daytime environment, and you can rest after lunch sipping aromatic coffee and, at the end of the day, an engaging and mitic atmosphere is garanteed.

Location and proximity to facilities are the main Lumiar attractions, from transport, schools, universities, cinemas, museums, theaters, among many other advantages. Being a zone relatively modernized with a large housing capacity, this parish was thought out to provide the quality of life necessary to meet the needs and ambitions of those who project their new home in a town like Lisbon. Lumiar represents a well-succeed commitment providing welfare and comfort to its residents. This is a place where any tourist aims to become permanent resident thanks to its specificities that make it a nice place to live and with great potential for business development due to its population and economic growth.