Restelo, Lisbon - What you need to know...

Restelo and Belén Tower view from Tagus River, Lisbon

Lisbon lives each day more and more in communion with the Tagus River, the longest of the Iberian Peninsula, since the Parque das Nações until the Restelo area. This area, Restelo, at this point one of the best places to live today, was immortalized by the most illustrious poet of the Portuguese language, Luiz Vaz de Camões, who wrote "Os Lusíadas" and symbolically created an old man, the old man of Restelo, that represented the Portuguese pessimism, by looking, with no faith, at the navigators who left the nation and went out to discover the new worlds, and telling them that everything will end in tragedy. As the old story is told, the old man of Restelo wasn't right, because the portuguese opened the doors of the world and started the present ?globalization?, obviously in a great deal of effort. This event had forever changed the face of Lisbon, making of it a cosmopolitan city, confluence of different cultures and cradle of civilizations.

The view from Restelo is magnificent, covering the south bank of the Tagus, with the Cristo-Rei, the 25 de abril Bridge, the sea of ??straw and the river mouth. Nowadays, Restelo, formerly called Encosta da Ajuda, is one of the nicest and calm neighbourhoods of Lisbon and it has undergone an urban intervention in the 20th century. The ?Restelo? was so named by the proximity to the port of 'Rastelo' on the beach of Belém. It is one of the truly exciting area of th city where the river Tagus meets the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the town is absolutly unique in Lisbon. It is a corner of Lisbon where you can breathe the pure air of the abundant vegetation, where we can dazzle and dream about enormous and exquisite homes and visit buildings of great historical importance. In short, in Restelo the wealth is in the air! In Restelo area, luxurious and refined houses with magnificent views are all over the place p> Overlooking the Tagus River, it presents mostly residential areas with single-family dwellings in the south zone, but, given the living need as a consequence of the urban sprawl to the north, during the 50's and 70's, it is know becoming a multifamily dwelling area with some buildings with few floors in the northern. The southern area of Restelo, better known as the Neighbourhood of Restelo developed as a fan, opening its streets to the Tagus, confined with the Belém Tower, the Jerónimos and the Praça do Império, places full of history. Here in the Neighbourhood of Restelo, you will find the 'Shopping Street", an authentic trade center outdoor formed by shaft-shaped streets. In this street are different types of trade shops and public services. The extreme southwest of Restelo is marked by the presence of Football Club Stadium ?Os Belenenses?, an important reference for the sport fans. p>About the gastronomy, a visit to Restelo will be like a trip to snacks and typically portuguese dishes and the recites of the past. There are traditional places where the typical dishes of the portuguese gastronomy are made-up according to the recipes of ancient times. Besides the portuguese dishes, Restelo is rich in other cultures and other distinctive flavors. Between the Mediterranean cuisine and the Western you can taste wonderful flavors and experience delicious recipes. At disposal are various establishments where you can organize an informal socializing or even an elegant event. Young people will have to choice between several nice and relaxed places that promote conviviality and fun. p>History, Culture, Art and ... Cinema represent great memories of the Restelenses. Restelo area gained the advantage in the seventh art when the biggest cinema of the 50's was constructed there with the premiere of important cinema hits of that time. In the early days of its opening, because of the etiquette rules, gentlemen were required to wear a tie. The places keep their essence in the memories and, thus, Restelo is certainly a place of interest to live and learn. p>Anyone looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of the areas bustling city, those looking for a place where you can ride your bike or do a morning or evening jogging, Restelo is the ideal place to live. Moreover, the area of ??Restelo has also several green and leisure areas where you can enjoy very nice moments. The Urban Park dos Moinhos de Santana is an interesting point for a walk outdoors. In the park there are two mills in a recreation and relaxing area with the green of nature and the lake waters as a backdrop. It is a pleasant atmosphere to relax and enjoy the route to the higher point of the park, where the city the city is revealed in all its splendor and width under the sound of the waterfall. p>The public transport level, the area of Restelo is very well provided with several bus routese and the railway line of Cascais making the connection to the national grid. The road links are also very good with very simple connections to the highway from Cascais and to the CRIL, and from those lines connecting to the other national netwprk options is very simple and fast. Because of this, Restelo is very close to the links to north, south and east, toward Spain. The airport is a priority for p>In Restelo area are several schools ranging from pre- primary to secondary education level and several private offerings where QUality walk arm in arm with the exclusivity. In Restelo you wIll also found the Universidade Lusíada. The Private education institutes in this area are available and accessible to the local population. Some of the available companies are already known and credited in the educational market. It is important to find a quality service in our home area which must be adequate to the age and development level of each child. In the area of ??Restelo education and teaching are always present. p>At the security level, the Restelo is perhaps the safest neighborhood of the safe Lisbon. It is recalled that, along with Helsinki, the Portuguese capital is considered the safest capital of Europe where violent crime records are abysmally low or almost non-existent. In addition to that natural disasters records is much lower than in other regions suffering violently with these disasters. The Portuguese capital is one of the best to live, if not the best. p>Be it an apartment with a breathtaking view or a villa with garden in a street where tranquility is the watchword, Restelo is a perfect place to settle. And of course, the great advantage is Restelo is within the city, a few minutes from the biggest shopping centers of the country and the exclusive and luxurious Avenida da Liberdade; representing an investment and exploitation zone in real estate, from the amusements of Bairro Alto; where the night comes alive and energy, in the fado houses or in the bars where you will have fun until daybreak, and from the Cais do Sodré; a riverside area where the night brings animation to bars, to nightclubs and restaurants, from the charming Casino de Lisboa (Lisbon Casino), the largest casino in Portugal; with its events and leisure activities. At the riverside zone we must highlight the Mercado da Ribeirinha, daily presenting a large offer of fresh products in food retail, catering areas and drinks. On Saturdays, at the Mercado da Ribeira, you find handicrafts, books and other antiques. On Sundays, there is a space reserved for the most curious and numismatic collectors and booksellers, among others. The market has good access and it has also a playground, a kiosk, a sun terrace and parking spaces nearby in the Garden D. Luís. In this place it is also planned the creation of a cultural exhibition center and a multimedia space.

In addition to these, you have a thousand and one reasons that make of Lisbon the perfect place to live... with the tranquility of Restelo.