Sintra, Portugal

View of the town of Sintra

Sintra is home to one of the most populated municipality of Portugal. Although it has maintained its village status, preserving the characteristics that made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Cultural Landscape of Sintra was elevated to the UNESCO World Heritage category in 1995. It was the first cultural landscape classification to be assigned on the European continent, which we are very proud this historic village.

Those interested by history and heritage have in Sintra many interesting sites. The village is one of the richest local Portuguese at this level, especially the Pena Palace, the Palace of Seteais, Monserrate Palace, the Moorish Castle, several churches, farms and many other interesting sites. Sintra gathers no doubt several features that make it one of the most pleasant places to live in Portugal.

Pena Palace, Sintra

Due to its privileged location, Sintra brings together the best of both worlds within walking distance. Nature lovers enjoy magnificent landscapes and surroundings of the beautiful mountains, populated by species of great beauty and rarity. Sintra is also located very close to the coast and beaches that are the delight of holidaymakers and those throughout the year not waste a boardwalk.

Sintra is located within walking distance of several great quality and beautiful beaches. Featuring the beach Praia Grande, the beach Praia Pequena and the beach Praia das Macas, sought para a prática de bodyboard e surf. The connection of this beach to the village can be made in an electric picturesque and next to the beach are several restaurants, cafes and bars, plus a saltwater pool. In Adraga Beach, handicapped accessible can enjoy a beach with few traces of human intervention. In the Great Carvery Beach, geology lovers can make walking routes in search of dinosaur footprints and enjoy the magnificent landscapes. This beach is annually the scene of several international events of bodyboarding and surfing.

Praia Grande, Sintra

There are other very nearby beaches of Sintra, as Little Beach, Magoito Beach, which has a fossil dune classified as geomonumento, the Watch Beach indicated for lovers of naturism by their difficult accessibility that ensures privacy and discretion and the Beach Aguda with its fantastic viewpoint to the beautiful coast.Also noteworthy Praia da Ursa, considered by the Michelin guide as one of the most beautiful in the world, Praia da Samarra, true paradise for nature lovers, mountain biking, underwater hunting and fishing and Azenhas do Mar, picturesque village built on a cliff that will dazzle the sight.

Praia da Ursa, Sintra

It is also in Sintra municipality that lies the most westerly point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca. Cabo da Roca is part of the Sintra -Cascais Natural Park and the view of this cliff about 150 meters over the Sintra Mountains and the western coastal valley itself a visit to this that is one of the key points of the Portuguese coast. Also on the supply side of Sintra cultural products emerges as a national reference, especially for example the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, the Auditorium Antonio Silva, the House of Culture Mira Sintra Sintra Museum of Art, the Museum Angels Teixeira the Ferreira de Castro Museum, the Town Hall Leal Museum, the Natural History Museum of Sintra, the Archaeological Museum of San Miguel de Odrinhas, the Air Museum, among many other interesting sites.

Floresta de Sintra

With an offer that already very comprehensive, it should be noted also the proximity to other poles as are Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais with very comprehensive and diverse cultural offerings. Players also have the very short distance the glamor of the casinos Estoril and Lisbon.

In addition to a unique place in terms of heritage and nature, Sintra also has other very important factors for those who want to live, visit or invest. The vast public school system of Sintra is complemented by the existence of several private schools where the focus on teaching and exclusives are factors to consider, especially trilingual schools for foreign residents in Portugal that greatly facilitate the necessary adaptation.

Higher education is also present in Sintra where the Catholic University has a pole but should essentially noted the proximity to the best higher education institutions located in Lisbon, as well as the best military schools. The commercially Sintra has a store network able to meet from the most basic desires of the day -to-day to the most unique needs of the most demanding customers. In Sintra are from the best shops of the best brands at the best restaurants making the village self-sufficient one location. Sintra also has some gems of food and sweets that are of general satisfaction as "sweet pillows", cheesecakes and famous roast lamb.

If the needs are greater than the supply, one should not forget the proximity of Lisbon and its most exclusive and luxurious shops. Sintra also marks the tranquility. Nothing better than a peaceful and quiet environment after a day's work. With regard to the area of investments, it should be noted that investment in the municipality of Sintra within the residence permits for investment until October 2014 was 11 million and 400 thousand euros, about 8 million more than in 2013. These figures reveal the county's potential to host investment, it can be said that Sintra is a region of great opportunities and enormous potential for growth and development.

Moreover, Sintra is served by different transport networks that put the village within walking distance road and rail the most important gateways to the north and south of the country as are the railway lines north and south, the highway north, south and Spain and, of course, the Lisbon airport. To mention the air base of the existence of Sintra which can be used for civilian flights since previously authorized. In conclusion it can be said that Sintra unique conditions to be a great place of residence, a promising place to invest and a great cultural place of recreation or sports. Few places combine a bucolic tranquility to a throbbing industrial and commercial activity. Sintra brings together the best of both worlds and is waiting.